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10 Fascinating Facts about Cloud Computing: A Complex Concept Takes the Guesswork out of IT

10 Fascinating Facts about Cloud Computing: A Complex Concept Takes the Guesswork out of IT

Cloud computing is fascinating because most only have the vaguest notion of how it works, what it actually is and how it can help their business – although most have realized that it’s the next logical and necessary step. In its simplest form, cloud computing is a shared pools of computer system resources which are highly configurable, rapidly provisioned and easily managed using the Internet.  So how will moving to a cloud environment help your business? There are endless ways cloud computing has impacted industries and businesses for the better, including:

  1. The banking sector performs a majority of its online functions using cloud technology.
  2. For every 600 smartphones or 120 tablets a new cloud server is added.
  3. Cloud computing is X40 as cost effective for SMBs as running a traditional IT infrastructure.
  4. 94% of SMBs find additional untapped security benefits after moving to a cloud environment.
  5. 80% of businesses report improved IT operations within the first 6 months of migrating to the cloud.
  6. 30% of global service-based companies have migrated a majority of their ERP applications to the cloud as of EOY 2018.
  7. Investment in cloud computing technology is projected to reach $270 billion by 2020.
  8. Surveys project that by year 2020 over 40 Zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud.
  9. 64% of organizations have reduced electricity cost since moving to the cloud.
  10. 70% of businesses utilizing cost-saving cloud technology have been able to reinvest funds into the business.

So how does this look in a real world situation? - (Link)

Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd. designs, builds and services world-class turnkey ODM/OEM solutions for Fortune 500 companies worldwide and best in class small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the transport & logistics, retail, banking and healthcare industries.


In 2017 Toshiba approached Sangfor Technologies about virtualizing their traditional infrastructure of 15 servers and several Hyper-V VMs running in the data center. A majority of the internal applications were hosted by the physical servers and these servers had been running for over 5 years with occasional hardware failure issues. Because there was no HA for those physical servers and Hyper-V VMs, these failures were a huge issue – sometimes taking hours to recover from hardware failure.

Sangfor proposed their HCI solution to help Toshiba consolidate all the existing physical servers with only 2 units of 2U aServer appliances, dramatically simplifying daily O&M. With compute virtualization aSV and storage virtualization aSAN, Toshiba was able to migrate all the physical servers and Hyper-V virtual machines to the Sangfor HCI platform and ensure business reliability with high availability. Sangfor's HCI web-based management console simplifies all IT processes, providing unified single-pane-of-glass management over all the resources on HCI to simplify operations and reduce recovery time in the event of a failure.

Unlike traditional cloud solutions, Sangfor Enterprise Cloud built on HCI is simplified and flexible, enabling users to quickly build business-driven cloud computing data centers using private, hybrid or industrial cloud. Users benefit by using the IT resource pool, IT as a Service and automated IT O&M, making it easy for key business to migrate to the cloud.

For more information about cloud computing solutions that will enhance your every business move, visit the Sangfor Technologies website at

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