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Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing: The Cloud Infrastructure of the Future


Industry 4.0 is a catchy name for next-level automation and data exchange for the manufacturing industry, leveraging technologies like cyber-physical systems, IoT, cloud and cognitive computing and AI to revolutionize manufacturing processes.

Hand in hand with Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing leverages the same technologies to connect machinery to the internet for increased automation and monitor the production process using data analytics to improve manufacturing performance

How have these technologies impacted manufacturing, you might ask? It seems the only thing they haven’t changed is the brick and mortar structure of the factory itself.

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 have applied an unprecedented amount of intelligence on the factory floor by leveraging increased automation to reduce costs, improve quality and reliability, and diversify product production. Big data is used to collect information from sensors and equipment, catching defects, inefficiencies and any number of issues before they become issues at all. Factories equipped with the tools for self-optimization will automatically adapt and allow different equipment to work seamlessly to perform at the highest level of efficiency. Deployment of the IoT in manufacturing creates a symbiotic environment where people, systems and equipment communicate constantly to improve production, methods and quality.

Who is already using these methods? The creation of self-driving vehicles (SDVs) was made possible through the use of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. SDV’s move through the factory on the most efficient, automated routes, allowing technicians to safely focus on improving manufacturing processes and test and implement ground breaking elements like intuitive light signals, turning, stopping and parking – methods which are then shared immediately across the factory floor and between facilities, and allowing executives and engineers to see relevant data in real-time. Few doubt that SDVs are the future of transportation – and it tracks that they would employ the manufacturing processes of the future to create this product of the future.

Why Sangfor?

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