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Forrester “Now Tech” Names Sangfor a Supplier of Network Analysis and Visibility (NAV)

Forrester NOW Tech

Sangfor is pleased to announce the inclusion of their Cyber Command solution in Forrester’s recent publication, “Now Tech: Network Analysis and Visibility (NAV), Q4 2021. According to the Forrester report, NAV is used to detect threats within network traffic, but can also identify security enhancement opportunities, and strengthen response measures as well. The report has segmented the NAV market based on size, with large vendors defined as >$100M in annual category revenue, medium vendors, like Sangfor Technologies, with between $20M-$100M in annual category revenue, and small, with less than $20M.

Forrester has further broken up the network analysis and visibility market into four different segments, dependent on capabilities. Among the segments are:

  1. Point Solution
  2. NAV Plus 
  3. Security Analytics Platform 
  4. NAV as a Feature

Sangfor Cyber Command is considered by Forrester as a NAV “Point Solution”. Point solutions stand on their own to collect data, and are easily integrated with a variety of platforms, technology and data sources.

Sangfor Cyber Command

Cyber Command is trusted in the global market, as a powerful analysis platform, with the most sophisticated detection, fastest response and simplest threat hunting.

Among the solution benefits, Sangfor’ customers have found that Cyber Command can detect unknown threats, known as zero-day threats, and provides better visibility of the overall security posture. Cyber Command Business Impact Analysis is used to detect compromised assets and help with mitigation. Finally, Cyber Command users enjoy a more cost-effective solution, with flexibility of integration with new products or services.

For more information on Sangfor Cyber Command, or any of Sangfor’s other network security, cloud computing or infrastructure optimization products, visit us online today. Let Sangfor show you how to make your IT simpler, more secure and valuable.