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IDC Security Whitepaper with Sangfor

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With the frequent occurrence of cyberattacks on a global scale, the crisis, caused by cyber security issues, is becoming unprecedentedly severe, which has turned into a huge obstacle to the digital transformation of enterprises worldwide. IDC believes that enterprises around the world, including China, have entered the period of multiplied innovation in the process of digital transformation. Large numbers of new business systems based on third platform technology are put on line on a large scale. A lot of potential security threats may exist in these new business systems, and the risks brought by these threats are much greater than those of the traditional business systems. IDC predicts that by 2022, the number of all kinds of newly developed applications will reach 500 million, equivalent to the total of the past 40 years. In such a rapid process of digital transformation, it is particularly important for enterprises to adopt scientific methods to build a security protection system that meets their own needs.