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15 April 2020 | 16:00 PM (Hong Kong Time)

In the past, attack surfaces were limited, allowing the IT team to easily protect the organization by placing security products on gateways and endpoints. However, due to the increased number of critical applications, BYOD and cloud services, the number of attack techniques and attack surfaces exposed and exploited are greatly increased. In this digitalized world, IT teams often have difficulty:


1. Identifying hidden threats within the internal network

2. Analyzing security logs and validating true positives

3. Dealing with security incidents like malware and ransomware

4. Identifying risky practices based on network abnormalities


Threat Identification, Analysis and Risk Assessment (TIARA)


Sangfor is proud to announce their new TIARA services, a set of cybersecurity services that leverages the automated detection and response capabilities of Cyber Command. Delivered by Sangfor security consultation experts, TIARA helps customers without access to security experts to understand their threat landscape, speed up their detection time, and rapidly improve their security posture and overall security infrastructure.

Speaker Profile

Speaker: Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey joined Sangfor in 2019 as the Cyber Security Consultant. Before joining Sangfor, he worked in one of the largest financial institutions in Malaysia as a senior security analyst. Not only that, but he also worked as a senior penetration tester in Europe-based Managed Security Service Provider, and specialized in infrastructure and web application penetration testing.