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11 March 2021 | 16:00 (Hong Kong Time)

Application plays a vitally important role in the digital transformation of businesses. With the unprecedented technology advancement in electronics such as computers and smartphones, digital applications flourish. These applications significantly streamline the process of business operations, improve work efficiency and create greater economic value. From traditional multi-tier applications to distributed microservice applications, the architecture of enterprise applications has evolved to catch up with requirements of business to be more agile, more scalable and more robust. Modern digital applications are prone to be built in microservices with containers and Kubernetes. Compared to traditional monolithic applications that are more suitable to be run on virtualized infrastructure, containerized applications are preferred to be run on PaaS with Kubernetes for orchestration. While we are living in a world in which monolithic and microservice applications are going to co-exist in the foreseeable future, a unified platform to run both without complexity is highly demanded. Sangfor PaaS running on HCI is the right answer to that. Join us to know more about Sangfor PaaS.

Speaker Profile

Speaker: Cheney Hu

Sangfor Cloud Sr. Product Manager

Cheney has worked in Huawei as a data center solution product manager for 4 years and traveled across the world to support projects, delivery trainings and create values for customers. Cheney has abundant experiences in storage and virtualization. He joined Sangfor IMD in March 2016 as Senior Product Manager for HCI, taking the role as a key contributor to HCI document establishment, strategy execution and training delivery.

Cheney Hu