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  • 24 Dec 2020

Intel and Sangfor Join Hands to Present Intel Selected Solutions Based on Sangfor HCI and SDS

On December 17, Sangfor HCI & SDS-based Intel® Selected Solutions and Sangfor EDS Storage High-Performance Version were released online. Sangfor and Intel teams have gone through seven months of polishing, testing and adjustment to finally launch this Selected Solution for DC data processing and storage, solving the problems of high maintenance costs, difficult expansion, short life-cycle, and the low efficiency of massive data processing and data silos, faced by traditional data center architecture.

Intel® Select Solutions is a series of proven hardware and software stacks, optimized for specific software workloads in terms of computing, storage, and networking. It has a very high entry barrier and requires multiple stringent benchmark testing and verification processes. Once selected, the tested and proven product will bear Intel's good name. The solution jointly launched by Sangfor and Intel, will help users build excellent converged infrastructure and software-defined storage, and maximize the value of users' data.

The Intel® Selected Solution, based on Sangfor HCI & SDS, includes hardware, infrastructure software, and workload-validated solutions, and is designed specifically for each data center construction requirement. The selected solution has achieved true software/hardware integration, and provides two configuration models - "PLUS" and "BASE" – allowing users to choose flexibly according to actual business needs.

The PLUS configuration is equipped with a new generation of Intel Xeon Gold processors, Intel Optane persistent memory, Intel Optane solid-state disks and Intel Ethernet network adapters meet the needs for core and new agile businesses. For example, if a Government Resources Department needs to be able to use survey and mapping data for efficient modelling, the enterprise's ERP system must be able to ensure the rational allocation of enterprise resources. The HIS and PACS systems, on which healthcare organizations run, must provide an excellent user experience for their staff. The BASE configuration uses a cost-effective hardware combination, and is more oriented to general business systems, with large capacity and high-performance scenarios, helping users obtain higher cost-effectiveness.

In terms of the overall architecture, Sangfor EDS storage forms a high-performance version through a self-developed PhxStore storage engine, PhxTier intelligent tiering, PhxCache intelligent caching, PhxKV database, and high-performance/low-latency storage network under RDMA protocol. Performance requirements including massive small-file management and intelligent scheduling of hot/cold data can now be met. In order to further support business scenarios with specific needs, Sangfor EDS will release a distributed all-flash memory model next year, to provide users with high-performance storage services, while also ensuring the overall cost-effectiveness of the product.

For the highly imaginative and competitive hardware platform provided by Intel, Sangfor adopted a cutting-edge, full-application polling programming architecture, to improve performance while reducing resource consumption. Through this software architecture upgrade, Sangfor is also the first in the industry to support RoCe technology and the new Optane flash memory, meeting the performance requirements of artificial intelligence and big data.

Intel and Sangfor will carry on the in-depth optimization of software, hardware and systems in the future, integrating excellent hardware, high-performance technical architecture, and advanced technology, with complex and subdivided data processing needs of users in various industries, to help them solve data processing and storage problems in real business scenarios. Currently, Sangfor EDS storage serves users in government, education, finance, and medical care industries across the world.

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