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ACME Learning Centre

Customer Overview
The ACME Learning Center was founded in Hong Kong (China) during the 1990s. It has always been committed to providing quality teaching services to students and creating a good learning atmosphere & environment. ACME is convinced that with systematic teaching materials, quality teaching teams, and teaching methods that are up to date, as well as years of teaching experience, they will cultivate students with good academic performance and prepare them for the community.

  • One IT staff responsible for all PC/network/security/application issues
  • Improve network security
  • ERP server single point of failure, no resource for new LDAP
  • Protect the company‘s assets & Teaching materials
Sangfor Values
  • NGAF: 1*M5200-F-I, HCI: 2*aServer-2000 with vNGAF, VDI: 4*VDS-6550
  • NGAF deployed as a gateway, provides security protection, IPsec VPN and Application control for Email, Cloud drive, Sent Files
  • HCI provides HA platform for LDAP, ERP, improving reliability and stability
  • VDI replaces the old PC, providing a data security solution with Anti-screen, USB control, Watermark