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Department of Mineral Resources Ministry of Environment (Thailand)

Customer Overview
The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) is the main governmental organization applying its geological knowledge and information to help increase life quality and the economic and social development.

The DMR serves the country as a geological fact-finding agency that predominantly studies and researches minerals, fundamental and applied geology in order to provide geological understanding about natural resources condition, as well as issues or problems related to geological process and phenomena.

DMR already had a Firewall deployed in its network but with the evolution of the IT environment, it couldn’t keep up with the new threats as well as higher requirement of DMR in terms of performance and reporting tools.

The previous firewall couldn’t support the IPv6 and DMR was not able to benefit from the new security improvements offered by this new protocol (e.g.: unique network address for different devices). It also lacked of WAF (Web Application Firewall) to protect the key internal systems such as the ERP and CRM systems against Web-based & Application layer attacks.

Due to the lack of features, the previous Firewall couldn’t protect DMR from the increasing number of DoS attacks against governmental institutions. It provided reports such as security visibility report but it was too complicated, took a lot of time and needed an expert to analyze it.

Sangfor Solution
Sangfor NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) replaced the previous Firewall in the Internet Gateway. All previous key features mentioned above are now available such as IPv6 support, WAF function, protection against DoS attack and more importantly, the simple & intuitive reporting tools of Sangfor NGFW.

The report can tell you exactly where the issue are, what it could cause and how to solve it. Sangfor NGFW is also integrated with a vulnerability & risk assessment tool that can help you analyze your network and find your vulnerabilities before hackers do.

With Sangfor NGFW, DMR is now protected against emerging, new and future threats !

Network Topology

Department of Mineral Resources Ministry of Environment Thailand