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EFU Life Insurance

Customer Overview

In 1990, the government of Pakistan reopened the life insurance business to private sector organizations. EFU Life Assurance Ltd. started operations in November 1992 as the first private sector life insurance company. In early 1993, EFU Life commenced its Group Life Insurance Business and by March 1994, the company began writing its individual life insurance business.

Customer Requirements

  • The webservers and needed t professional WAF protection.
  • High availability and high IO/IOPS for client portal, POS and other mission critical VMs. Currently using SAN + server with VMware, but not finding it agile enough in the area of capacity extension.
  • SSL VPN requirement for future extension of 2000 users
  • Low yearly budget available, requiring the reuse of the current server with the new solution.

Sangfor HCI Solution for Insurance Customer

Sangfor integrated HCI with their current hardware (upgrading hard disks with SSD) in two node clusters with virtual storage/network and virtual FW with WAF. Plans were made to add vSSL in the upcoming year, to provide 2000 new users an SSL concurrent connection without adding hardware.

Customer Benefits After Deployment of Sangfor Solution

  • Sangfor HCI allows the client to reuse their current highly-performing hardware, reducing initial investment cost. Clustering designed and SSD tiering virtual storage provides HA and high performance.
  • Sangfor NFV(network function virtualization) provides virtual FW without extra hardware.
  • Sangfor HCI includes a one-stop DR function, which helps provide DR with second-level RPO and minute-level RTO, which can be activated as needed.