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Lawson Philippines

Customer Background

Lawson, Inc. is a convenience store franchise chain in Japan. The store originated in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, but exists today as a Japanese company. With its presence in the Philippines, “Lawson Philippines” has become one of the biggest convenience chain store in the Philippines.

As Lawson’s business operations expand in the Philippines, they have to move to a better and bigger office. Along with this means improving their infrastructure, thus a better data center have to be built.

Business Pain-Points
  1. Lawson needs to build a secured connection between Lawson Philippines, their Head Office in Japan and servers located at AWS. With unstable ISP in the Philippines, they need to have back-up ISP secondary VPN connection, and they need to address the challenge from VPN automatic fail-over
  2. Existing UTM only have limited security features for advance attacks. It provides poor security visibility, and protection for business applications is limited against intrusion
  3. New Data Center Security. Lawson is having concerned on the how to provision a cost-effective security solution as their existing firewall is only capable of protecting the server from simple attacks such as system intrusion. Better application-layer protection for their business system is needed since these applications, such as financial applications, HRIS, VSBO (Billing system), email, etc., are the heart of their business operation

Sangfor Solution
  1. Sangfor NGAF as gateway protection, which offered better security visibility and comprehensive network security
  2. Sangfor Secured IPSec VPN with fail-over
  3. NGAF with built-in NGWAF module, for business application protection

End-User Experience
  1. Increase business continuity with Sangfor IPsec VPN fail-over. This is a cost-effective solution for Lawson, having in mind the unstable connection of ISPs in the Philippines
  2. Easier security management. Sangfor NGAF provides proactive vulnerability scanning and advanced persistent threat protection which is able to detect hidden ransomwares and malwares on work stations and servers. Thereafter, Sangfor NGAF can provide information regarding what necessary protection to be applied on the entire network to protect it from advance attacks
  3. Unified application-layer protection with Sangfor NGAF. Lawson is now able to identify security vulnerabilities in their data center and able to apply necessary protection against application level attacks with Sangfor NGWAF and its smaller hardware footprint