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Ministry of Industry, Indonesia

Customer Background

Since establishment of the Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia by presidential system on August 19th, 1945, authority and responsibility of industry and trade sector was authorized by Ministry of Prosperity who was led by Ir. Soerachman Tjokroadisoerjo until the end of this cabinet on November 14th, 1945.

Customer Challenges

  1. Internet Usage Control: Non-business critical behavior occupies large bandwidth
  2. APT Prevention: Existing Firewall cannot prevent the APT and other malware and Trojans
  3. Maintenance of Firewall: Complex maintenance and report analysis without risk awareness
Values of Sangfor NGAF

  1. Operation Convenience: Full visibility security report and advise
  2. Functional Device: One device can protect both end user and server security
  3. Fast Response: Quickly review and provide solution to enhance security level 

Ministry of Industry Indonesia 2