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PT Trimegah Securities Tbk Indonesia

Customer Background

PT Trimegah Securities Tbk is a Securities Company that has 3 business units and 1 subsidiary:
  • Equity Capital Markets (ECM) Division provides equity brokerage service, including online trading, for retail and institutional clients, and margin lending facility
  • Debt Capital Markets (DCM) Division facilitates government bond transactions, including Retail Government Bond, Retail Sharia Government Bond, and corporate bonds
  • Investment Banking (IB) Division provides bonds and equity underwriting service as well as financial advisory, including merger & acquisition, divestment, valuation, due diligence, corporate restructuring, and financing

Customer Challenges

  1. Bandwidth Management: Bandwidth is limited between HQ and branch which affects work activities
  2. Long-Term RTO: 4 hours to back up 1 host from DC to DRC which increases dangers of data

Values of Sangfor WANO
  1. Application Optimization: Speeds up applications response and supports all branches and DRC’s optimization and management, user identify and control
  2. Performance Improvement: RTO is decreased to 15mins from more than 4 hours
  3. Internal Report: Initiative and recently monitors host traffic, user traffic of every branch
  4. TCO Saving: 2K less as renewal cost