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Wisma MUIS

Customer Background

Wisma MUIS is a governmental building located in Sabah, Malaysia. The construction began in 1982 in an area of 1.85 hectares. The unique design is managed jointly by the Sabah Islamic Religious Council with C. Itoh Nakano Consortium, a leading construction company in Japan. Foundation stone laying ceremony was officiated by Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Y.A.B, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, on 19 Jumada II 1402 AH, corresponding 13 April 1982 AD. The construction was reported to cost about RM 156 million.


• Business needs
o Existing IT infrastructure is out of date and needs to be upgraded in order to catch up with the current technology trend.

• Technical needs
o Requires security devices to protect their network and also advanced reporting to have an overall view of user behavior.
o Requires visibility on security and behavior. They required reporting tools to better understand the network environment.
o Requires management device to monitor & control their internal user behavior, as well as improve the work productivity.


SANGFOR Solution

• SANGFOR aBOS deployed in router mode for SANGFOR NGAF and in bridge mode for SANGFOR IAM.
• SANGFOR NGAF does routing and DHCP.
• SANGFOR NGAF enables IPS & APT detection to protect their network.
• SANGFOR IAM enables bandwidth management and access control to enhance the user experience during work time.