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Sangfor Beta Test Program

Your Exclusive Invitation 

You’ve been invited to join the latest Sangfor Beta Program

As a participant in the beta program, you will get early access to the most exciting and latest features and improvement of Sangfor products. Your feedback is important in helping us shape the future of our products & services and improve the user experience of others. You will also get amazing gifts a token of appreciation!


How Do I Enroll?

  1. Click on the below button & choose the active beta program you are interested in. 
  2. Fill in and submit the application form.
  3. Your application will be reviewed and approved by Sangfor.
  4. Download the beta software, instruction documents and join the dedicated Beta program community. 
  5. Provide your feedback in the beta program community and be rewarded after the testing.
  6. For more information, please contact

Active Beta Programs

IAG 13.0.15

What’s New with IAM?  

IAM is on a journey, and the first stop is a name change! IAM (Internet Access Management) is now known as IAG (Internet Access Gateway)! Let’s explore a few of the changes you will see with IAG!


New NAC modules including Endpoint Check and Ingress Client license modules. Includes Asset Discovery, Asset Classification and Endpoint Check i.e., ingress client based (agent) and traffic based (agentless). More sub-modules will be added in the future. All IAG licenses will be a subscription model.


New Asset Identification Capabilities:

  • Built-in identification technology provides fast and accurate identification of assets, and the ability to identify PCs, all endpoints, medical equipment and countless others. The homepage provides an asset overview within the network environment in a single pane of glass.
  • Supports asset list delete, change, check and display of endpoint asset compliance status, allowing quick network usage approval of endpoints via batch mode, reducing the complexity of endpoint management. IAG also supports any onboarding of unknown endpoints and performs any classification necessary to enforce endpoint compliance check policies.
  • Supports custom Endpoint typing. For unidentified assets, the Endpoint type can be set according to fingerprint characteristics.
  • Provides access rights policy and other control policies according to a wide variety of identified endpoint types to determine the access level for each different Endpoint.
  • Holistic view of IP management based on IP ranges. Allows fast discovery of any available IP, be it online, offline, to pre-configure network segments.


Endpoint security check capability updates:

  1. New Endpoint check access detection rules using ingress client based (agent) to provide anti-virus software-based rules, login domain-based rules, access check, access control, external device control, windows account-based rules and anti-defacement rules.
  2. Traffic based access detection (agentless) detects Endpoint anti-virus installation, allowing repair instructions to be carried out. 


Win the Prize!

Grand Prize: Ipad (8th generation) (1 tester)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide the most valuable feedback.

Second Prize: Airpods 2 (unlimited)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide at least 5 constructive advice.

Third Prize: Mi watch X keith Haring (unlimited)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide at least 3 constructive advice.

Participation Prize: Sangfor Backpack (unlimited)
Qualifications: Complete the test, and provide at least 1 constructive advice.

Please note that Sangfor R&D will valuate the feedback you have provided after the testing, and then the prize winner will be announced accordingly~



NGAF 8.0.35

What’s New with NGAF?  

  • A full refresh of the Web UI, making it more modern, fast, and optimized configuration logic.
  • Supports RESTful API. 3rd party devices and can integrate with NGAF to create policies and change network settings.
  • Command Line Interface supported, allowing you to set up and troubleshoot quickly.
  • Account Protection provides monitoring for potential account abuse.