Sangfor Care Service Guidelines

Sangfor Care Service will provide maintenance, technical and software service to quickly and easily assist our customers and partners to deploy, use, manage and troubleshoot SANGFOR products in their network.

Scope of Service

Sangfor Care Service (SCS) offers several service Options, they are designed as a remotely set of service packages to meet your needs.

Renewal of Care Service

A reinstatement fee will be assessed on any service contract that has been expired for more than 1 month.

Maintenance Service

All Sangfor products come with a one-year manufacture's hardware warranty. In the event of a hardware failure, the unit will be shipped to SANGFOR for replacement as the standard warranty. SANGFOR offers additional hardware warranty service options according to service agreements.
For more details, please view the Hardware Warranty Service Policy.

Contract Support Service levels

Annual support service agreements are available for standard business hours, which includes 5 x 8 support or Premium business hours, which includes 7 x 24 support. For RMA Services, 9x5x4hrs or 24x7x4hrs are also available.


Sangfor provide comprehensive installation assistance. You can purchase on-site installation services through Sangfor Care Services or through your local authorized Sangfor partner.


In order to assist you to configure, maintain Sangfor products better, we provide on-site or remote Configuration and Maintenance training.

Global Service Center

Sangfor Global Service Center (SGSC) is located in Malaysia, with regionally manufacture's engineer and partner's certificated engineer who provide timely support when your need it.

Sangfor Care Service options

All customers and partners will receive:
• Assistance with questions about the use of Sangfor products.
• Assistance in identifying and verifying the causes of suspected errors.
• Solutions for identified errors or malfunctions.

All service options include the following:
• Technical support : Unlimited 7x24 remotely support
• Software support : Unlimited update Maintenance and Major Sangfor OS, as well as for covered "software only" products
• Hardware warranty : Depending on the active service contract, the following warranty services are available:
• Factory Return (15 Business days ship after receipt)
• Same Day Shipment (SDS - Not guaranteed Arrival)
• Next Business Day Arrival (NBD - Guaranteed Arrival)
• 4 Hour Arrival (9x5x4hrs or 24x7x4hrs - Guaranteed Arrival)

*7 x 24 support is limited to Asia region now.

More Information

To learn more about Sangfor Technical Support Services, please send an email to

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