Monthly Newsletter: The Official Launch of Sangfor Cyber Command

01/04/2020 09:45:55
Monthly Newsletter: The Official Launch of Sangfor Cyber Command
Sangfor Cyber Command: Intelligent Threat Detection & Response Platform
Sangfor is proud to announce the release of their most exciting security product to date, Cyber Command, the newest and most powerful, intelligent threat detection and response platform on the market, that will be publicly available on the 10th April 2020.
Sangfor VDI: A Full Spectrum Answer to the Remote Working Question

Work and life have become symbiotic as technology flourishes, opening the door to remote business access and a “work from anywhere” business culture. Sangfor’s VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) provides a full desktop user experience to working remotely in locations outside of their office with bandwidth availability issues, providing ALL IN ONE security functionality, designed to prevent data leakage and maintain endpoint security.
3 Safety Tips On Empowering Your Employees to Work from Home Securely during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

The coronavirus outbreak has triggered a serious need for remote computing on a grand scale. Organizations are requiring employees and students to work and learn from home — but implementing this protocol without proper planning opens the door to new attack surfaces, IT headaches and novel security challenges. Click the button below to see a few cybersecurity best practices to consider if you have users working from home during the pandemic.
Smooth & Steady Video Conferencing with Sangfor SD-WAN

People across Asia are scratching their heads, unsure how to safely and quickly connect employees to the office network and keep their communications secure as these employees work from home, home country, or remote office in an effort to avoid crowds and potential infection. Let’s explore a few ways to maintain a steady, fast and secure connection for home-bound or remote employees with Sangfor SD-WAN .
Open For Business: We Are Here to Support You !

We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, watching as panic and indecision overtake the globe. Sangfor feels it is our duty to view this pandemic in a global scope and with the benefit of hindsight and continue to provide best-in-class service to all customers and partners during normal business hours, around the world. If you have a question – Sangfor has an answer.
Sangfor HCI White Paper: Explore More about Security Features on the World's Most Advanced and Secured HCI Platform

With cloud technologies making applications much easier to obtain and consume, vulnerabilities and malicious attacks are not uncommon to be experienced by businesses and end users. Released in 2015, Sangfor HCI has held security at the center of its product design. In this white paper, you will be able to understand how Sangfor HCI is secured from the inside out on the layers of management, business, data and kernel.
Sangfor Cloud-Firewall-Endpoint Integrated Solution

Introduction to Sangfor Cloud-Firewall-Endpoint integrated solution by showing you a simulated hacker attack triggered by a phishing email and see how Sangfor can protect your organization against it !
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