Monthly Newsletter: Sangfor First Virtual Conference a Success!

02/06/2020 10:08:36
Monthly Newsletter: Sangfor First Virtual Conference a Success!
Sangfor First Virtual Conference a Success
Thousands of customers, partners and industry professionals coming from 50+ different countries joined together on May 14th, 2020 for the launch of Sangfor first global Virtual Conference to discuss the latest network security and cloud trends, ensuring business continuity in a post-COVID world, and how to maximize your IT investment and increase productivity.

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The Secret of Sangfor VDI's Rising Market Performance against Declining IT Spending due to COVID-19

Recently, the well-known third-party consulting organization IDC has released a report on China VDI client device market. Affected by the pandemic, shipment of many VDI manufacturers experienced a large decline in the first quarter. Yet Sangfor has achieved a noticeable growth in the VDI market, ranking first in shipments with a market share of 31.49%, exceeding market share of No.2-7 in the ranking combined.
Sangfor Included in Independent Research Firm Global Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market Analysis Report

Sangfor announced today that Forrester, a global standard-setting market analysis company, recently released its report entitled, "Now Tech: Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Q2 2020," naming Sangfor among the vendors included in this overview. Over the past two years, Sangfor Cloud Computing has expanded significantly within Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with more than 10,000 users in many key verticals including government, enterprise and medical.
Sangfor’s HCI Customers speak through Gartner Peer Insights | 2020 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Report

Recently on May 5th 2020, Gartner released the latest "Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer': Hyperconverged Infrastructure". Sangfor's Hyperconverged customers have spoken about their positive reviews with Sangfor's Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution. As of 29 February 2020, with a  4.7 of 5 star rating based on 37 reviews, Sangfor SMB customers from varied industries, and all global regions, have shared their personal and positive experiences.
Phishing E-mail Warning Signs

Phishing might now sound all that frightening, but hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their manipulation techniques. Sangfor has recently warned of phishing emails, malicious links and sites taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to infiltrate company systems, but constant vigilance is key to keeping your company information safe – so let’s take a look at a few tell-tale details that should tip you off!
Securing BYOD Devices & Delivering Remote Results

What unexpected long-term effects will we need to cope with in the upcoming years? Most importantly, what disaster will be face next? Even though we aren’t sure when things will officially return to normal, it’s time to start planning for the future – and ensuring that we won’t be caught unaware again. One IT option many corporations have been exploring with more conviction is the deployment of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI ).
Let Sangfor Protect you Against Ransomware

Introduction to Sangfor Cloud-Firewall-Endpoint integrated solution by showing you a simulated hacker attack (ransomware) triggered by a phishing email and see how Sangfor can protect your organization against it !
Creating Smarter Passwords

With the value of network data becoming more and more important, passwords are the first line of network security defense. Hackers now use different kinds of methods such as social engineering to find your basic information, and together with a cracking tool, hackers can easily find your password. Individual & companies suffer severe losses due to cracked passwords. Don't wait to be a victim and watch this animation video to learn how to create a strong password!

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