Community Portal Registration (for Sangfor Partners)

08/06/2018 18:01:24

Step 1 Register for a Community Portal Account

Step 2: Account Activation via Email

Step 3: Partner Identity Authentication for Community Account

Step 4: Authentication Failure (no partners’ information registered in WebCRM)

Step 5: Fill in the Company Information and Submit It

Step 6: Partners Identity Authentication in the back office of the Community portal
Step 7: User Identity changes as Partner

How to take a Written examination?

Step 1: How to Enter the Certificated Examination.

Step 2: WebCRM Approval (Name is case sensitive)

Step 3: The Community portal will show you’re the examination system information as well as VPN account.

Step 4: Check the Examination Account and Password in “Check My Account” (VPN and test system accounts use the same login and password)

How to take the Written Examination?

Step 1: Log in the Examination Test
Step 2: Log in the Examination System
Step 3:Show the Exam Result Automatically after Exam

How to Take the Practical Examination?

Step 1: The score of the written examination must be higher than 60.

Step 2: Make a Practical Examination Appointment in the Community.

If your score is below 60, it will prompt a message to let you pass a written test first.

Step 3. Visit Sangfor Labs to take your Practical Examination at the scheduled time.

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