Sangfor IAM 12.0.18 Release Notes

01/11/2018 13:08:42

1. One-stop troubleshooting for IT administrators 2. Visualize your bandwidth & understand your network 3. Zero-touch branch management ...

Business Intelligence is Intelligent Decision Making

10/07/2018 15:35:58


Building Information Bridges is Your Business And Business is Good

08/06/2018 17:15:17

International borders are crossed an infinite number of times per day with the help of the internet. ...

New Year, New IAM Version with Many Exciting Features !

07/03/2016 09:14:55

Sangfor launched the new IAM 11.0 firmware at the end of 2015. With the growing number of mobile users bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work, it is necessary for enterprises to find a way to protect & manage its network. ...

Take Back Control Of Your Network

04/08/2015 10:25:12

The new IAM Firmware (11.0) can help you take back control of your Network by allowing you to manage Wireless endpoints & related applications, as well as making your life easier thanks to the integrated & complete reporting tools suite provided with Sangfor IAM....

Transform Your WLAN Into A Marketing Tool !

09/07/2015 15:45:47

The new IAM Firmware ver. 11.0 can help you bring more value to your existing WLAN network by transforming it into a Marketing tool !...

Sangfor IAM For Education

16/04/2015 14:30:02

As the leading vendor of network solution in Asia, Sangfor has developed a solution to have the total control of your network. With powerful functions and easy administration, SANGFOR IAM delivers the most effective solution for P2P traffic management, illegal web URL filtering, anti-proxy tool, comprehensive traffic report, internet access usage monitoring, online security plus many other features....

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