Sangfor IAM 12.0.18 Release Notes

01/11/2018 13:08:42
1. One-stop troubleshooting for IT administrators
2. Visualize your bandwidth & understand your network
3. Zero-touch branch management

Official Release Date is 15th November 2018

Sangfor Technologies announces the release of the new Sangfor IAM v12.0.18, an end-to-end user and network management solution for IT administrators, designed to improve productivity and simplify network management.

Sangfor introduces new features and enhancements including:

One-Stop Troubleshooting for IT Administrators
IT administrator time is often monopolized by the headache inducing and often confusing process of dealing with user complains. The new Sangfor IAM troubleshooting center provides a comprehensive overview of network issues, and together with a step-by-step guide, makes identification and resolution of problems quick and simple.

The new online chat support function allows you to get in touch with a Sangfor professional in moments to resolve any issues you encounter with Sangfor IAM.

Visualize your bandwidth & understand your network
Sangfor’s powerful bandwidth management engine intelligently limits bandwidth consuming applications and guarantees the availability of core business applications. In this new firmware, IAM is a powerful and highly-visual bandwidth management tool, allowing administrators to go beyond general tracking of numbers of throughput by identifying channel status. IAM gives administrators the flexibility to limit or expand bandwidth when required to improve business critical application functions and user experience while the new international traffic monitoring function guides administrators in managing expensive international bandwidth.

Zero-touch branch management
Business growth often means more branches with less skilled IT administrators responsible for managing the network. The Sangfor BBC helps the centralized management center manage all branch IAM functions like policy setup, bandwidth control and user authentication. The auto-configuration feature brings the branch network online in less than 5 minutes while control policies follow users from HQ to branches without further authentication required, giving IT administrators control over any device, anywhere in the network.

Additional Improvement:
Security protection: IAM is integrated with the AI powered anti-virus and anti-malware engine, Sangfor Engine Zero and Sangfor cloud-based threat intelligence platform, Neural-X.

SSL inspection: Newly enhanced https capability and the release of the new https inspection solution makes all traffic highly visible and controllable, drastically improving protection and user experience. This helps customers meet their regulatory compliance requirements more effective.

Learn more about Sangfor IAM 12.0.18 by watching this video.

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