New Year, New IAM Version with Many Exciting Features !

07/03/2016 09:14:55

Sangfor launched the new IAM 11.0 firmware at the end of 2015. With the growing number of mobile users bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work, it is necessary for enterprises to find a way to protect & manage their network. 

This new IAM 11.0 firmware brings huge changes to seamlessly combine both Wired and Wi-Fi environments & let you have a Comprehensive Data Analysis & Professional Traffic Management of your Network.

The 11.0 version has not only enhanced the traditional traffic management on BM, URL filtering, application control and quota control, but also gained new management features for mobile users, mobile applications, mobile terminals, and further enhanced the reporting tools.

Sangfor IAM will also stay focus and improve the following main features: Authentication + Bandwidth Management + Application Control + URL Filtering + Reporting, as well continuously invest more resources to gain more competitiveness on core features.

For example, Sangfor enlarged the URL database to 20 million URLs (Global), which is one of the largest of its kind for URL filtering, and also added over 700 mobile apps and 220 cloud applications, with a total application database up to 2900.

Sangfor IAM Product and R&D team will keep on investing more and more resource to the international market in 2016. In 2015, Sangfor IAM got a total revenue of 70 million USD revenue in the global market. It still keeps a high growth rate of 25%, and has kept the NO.1 position for 9 continuous years in the Chinese market.

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