Security Expertise as a Service - Vision to Renovate Commercial Security Solution

17/03/2016 14:58:52

To have competent technical staff dealing with skillful hackers & cyber threat risks is not realistic for most of organizations. Even when there are staff with high expertise, effective threat visibility tools are essential to assist on the risk mitigation operation.

Security expertise as a service - that is to deliver the security expertise and rich experience from vendors’ security researchers to the business clients, thus to actually improve their threat prevention and risk mitigation capability.

With such concept, security solution should be designed with a comprehensive and solid cyber threats prevention strategy, as well as to introduce necessary threat protection tools to the daily security operation tasks, in an intuitive and simplified manner.

SANGFOR NGAF solution has helped thousands of organizations to improve the security operation capability, and effectively mitigate business risks from cyber threats:

- Holistic security strategy: Prevention is not enough. Today, security strategy should cover full security operation cycle of Prediction, Defense, Remediation and Backtracking.

- Risk assessment capability: Assesses the security loopholes, provide detailed assessment reports to assist on risk mitigation before attacks comes.

- Proactive protection capability: Keeps the IT team updated with the latest cyber threats information and providing advisory alerts & risk mitigation recommendations.

- True threat visibility capability: Sangfor security reports are simple & intuitive and presented in an advisory way. Furthermore, you are able to visualize deeply into which stage the threats are, thus to make precise cyber prevention strategy.

- Automatic security operation capability: Security operation tasks can be carried out simply with several mouse clicks in a automatic operation manner.

It is SANGFOR’s aim to design security solution not as a product, but as a useful service. SANGFOR will continue to research and work on improving the overall threats prevention capability for business organizations in today’s cyber world.

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