Safeguard your employees against Ransomware !

22/03/2016 16:12:27


Getting infected with Ransomware always end up costing the victims thousands of dollars. The cyber-thieves’ malware works by either holding your entire computer hostage or by blocking access to all of your files by encrypting them. The ransomware victim is typically ordered to finish the required payment in order to get the key to unlock their encrypted data. Although currently there isn’t a 100% effective security solution against Ransomware, there are still a few things users can look out for to avoid getting harmed:

• Constantly back up the hard drive. Even if you’ve being targeted, you can revert your backup files.
• Be caution about your mouse clicks to suspicious links.
• Keep your computer software updated to avoid being infected through possible vulnerabilities.

As for the IT team, protecting the employees from cyber threats is always one of the major tasks. SANGFOR NGAF helps to reduce risks of the protected endpoints and network threatened by Ransomware and safeguard the employees against it.

SANGFOR NGAF Protection Against Ransomware

SANGFOR NGAF built-in Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware engine can block more than 30,000 known Ransomware samples and is continuously updated by SANGFOR malware Research Team.  The Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware act as the first layer of protection to keep known Ransomware out of the door.

Anti-phishing: Clean up risky emails infected with Ransomware

More than 50% of Ransomwares are delivered to computer though email, and most of employees don’t have the skills to identify phishing emails. The NGAF anti-phishing engine detects deep into email content for suspicious attachment, including the suspicious malicious links in email content. Once the phishing email is detected, NGAF will place a warning to end user to avoid them from being infected and causing damages.

Cloud sandboxing: Block emerging Ransomware by Behaviors

Ransomware is known to have numbers of varieties and update itself at a very fast rate. Signature based anti-virus is not enough to reduce Ransomware risk. SANGFOR NGAF Security Centre has conducted dedicated research program on analyzing Ransomware behavior characteristics. With the Cloud Sandboxing technology, once any suspicious file is detected by any of SANGFOR NGAF device deployed around the globe, it will be reported and executed in SANGFOR cloud sandboxing environment. Malicious files that match Ransomware behaviors will be blocked and analysis reports will be sent to the local NGAF box to assist with IT’s decision making. The cloud sandboxing helps to block emerging Ransomware as aid of signature-based detection.

Anti-Malware: Damage Remediation

SANGFOR NGAF anti-malware database is hosting more than 4000+ Ransomware signatures. With the inside-outside inspection, SANGFOR NGAF identifies the endpoints that have been infected with Ransomware and cut down the Ransomware connection to its C&C (Command&Controller) server. In this way, the SANGFOR NGAF stops possible Ransomware expansion to other hosts within the network. Besides, in most of cases, it even can help to stop the encryption process.

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