Struts2 Exposed Remote Code Execution Vulnerability(S2-037)

28/06/2016 17:00:46


Struts2 revealed a vulnerability of high-risk named S2-037, CVE Number: CVE - 2016-4438, which allows hackers to take advantage of the vulnerability to directly execute arbitrary code, upload files, execute a remote command & control server, and steal all of the user's data directly. This vulnerability is affecting a wide range Struts versions.

On June 16, struts 2 official vulnerability announcement:

Struts2 is one of the most widely used web Java server framework in the world. It  is the next generation of Struts products, which is a combination of the new Struts2 framework based on Struts1 and WebWork technology.

The reason why Apache struts2 S2-037 of the remote code execution vulnerability appears is that Struts 2 uses REST plugin. The attacker uses REST to call malicious expression to execute remote code. This vulnerability and S2-033 are triggered in similar methods, which are executed through the OGNL expression brought about by methodName of ActionMappingand lead to arbitrary code execution.  

Software Versions:

Struts 2.3.20 -  Struts version using the REST plugin.


    1. Upgrade the Apache Struts to version 2.3.29

    2. For Sangfor NGAF customer, update the IPS to version 20160630 version or above.

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