Hyperconverged Infrastructure 101

29/11/2019 12:43:52

Confusing people since the early 2000’s, HCI or Hyperconverged Infrastructure is not a term an IT layman would rattle off. ...

Cloudy with a Certainty of Transformation: What to Expect as Cloud Continues to Transform IT

11/09/2019 14:40:45

At Sangfor Technologies 2nd Annual Innovation Summit last weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, over 350+ customers and partners traveled from across the APAC region, UAE 安and Europe to attend the Summit, headlined by renowned industry experts from INTEL, KPMG, IDC and CyberSecurity Malaysia and unveiling their newest products and innovations. ...

HCI in Real Life: Changing the Way APAC Does Business

22/08/2019 14:26:47

Complex issues in IT infrastructure and a shortage of skilled IT talent in local markets have made it challenging for SMB’s in the APAC region to maintain their IT facilities in high-growth markets like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam....

VDI Myth to VDI Ledged: Dispelling VDI Myths and Making it Work for You

12/08/2019 17:21:40

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) still straddles several niche markets with varying degrees of success, and is often dismissed as a viable solution due to several myths and common misconceptions that VDI is expensive,insecure, unable to handle graphics and provides a poor user experience. ...

VDI & Government: APAC Governing Bodies are Ready to Virtualize

12/08/2019 08:46:01

In one of our recent articles entitled “VDI to Hybrid VDI: The Living, Breathing Growth of Virtualization,” we discussed the development of Hybrid VDI from VDI and some of the more recent use cases like Engineering, Education and Manufacturing – but one use case we’ve not discussed is VDI’s use in state and local governments. ...

VDI to Hybrid VDI: The Living, Breathing Growth of Virtualization

08/08/2019 18:42:54

VDI was first developed in its most rudimentary form around 2002 (who exactly invented it is in question depending on where you look) and has grown exponentially ever since....

Bandwidth Will Not Solve Branch Application Performance Issues

07/08/2019 09:22:19

Application acceleration is a network solution designed to alleviate issues like WAN latency, packet loss and bandwidth congestion. Seems like a relatively simple and attractive idea –“My applications are running far too fast,”said no one ever. ...

Three Tier to HCI: Journey to Optimization

27/06/2019 17:20:11

Traditional 3 tier server, storage and network data systems work in tandem to support a company’s compute and storage, keeping applications, business processes and end-users running – but as business grows beyond the legacy architecture, the network slows to a limp....

Westworld of the East: The Aging Population of Asia Needs Healthcare in the Cloud

16/05/2019 11:02:27

Asia is exciting. HBO’s series Westworld has nothing on Asia, which saw 247 million tourists flood into the APAC region in 2016 with China and Thailand topping the list and raking in over USD 80 billion between them....

The Origin of Hyperconvergence

01/04/2019 17:55:34

by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life...


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