Amazon Takes Data Leakage Seriously: VDI Takes Data Leakage More Seriously

13/12/2018 11:23:41
Amazon Takes Data Leakage Seriously: VDI Takes Data Leakage More Seriously

As the second largest employer in the USA and with a global customer base of 300 million, it’s fair to say that you, most of us have all had dealings with at some point. Now consider what a data breach at Amazon could potentially mean to 300 million people globally. The potential for a significant fallout is staggering.

Amazon utilizes a complex algorithm to flag “in demand” items and make them more prominent, leaving a grey area for a reasonable amount of deception, as the less honest of the roughly 300 million Amazon merchants stack up fake reviews and search their own products to spoof interest. Recently some of these merchants have taken the far lazier and more costly approach of attempting to bribe Amazon staff in China, India and the USA.

Staff without Amazon’s “high ethical standards” who have taken gifts or bribes from merchants in exchange for a more eye-catching location on, are being investigated and fired while Amazon seeks to mitigate further data leakage by disabling computer USB ports, reducing access to internal sales data and limiting the number of searches can be performed on the internal database. Amazon has also announced the adoption of tools like machine learning to take a more proactive approach to any future data leakage. Now, this is the kind of “smart” we’ve all come to expect from Amazon!

Acting as an armchair quarterback, perhaps Amazon and other companies in the retail and manufacturing verticals could consider how implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution could have helped them avoid the issues of too much unrestricted access and not enough oversight. Monitoring the individual browsing habits of 613,300 Amazon employees simply isn’t possible for even one of the hardest working IT departments in the universe.  

Sangfor aDesk VDI makes visibility and control possible by tracking normal and abnormal user behavior with audit & reporting tools, as well as end-to-end security functions. Sangfor aDesk VDI solution is the latest generation of virtual desktop cloud solution. Through deeply integrated server, desktop and storage virtualization, an aDesk thin client appliance, keyboard, screen and mouse are all that are required to deliver rapid deployment. The IT team can choose whether they want to disable USB ports, choose to add watermark on the desktop screen or even block the access to certain websites, all to avoid any information leakage.

The manufacturing industry and more recently the retail industry have always searched for ways of leveraging new technology to keep industry leaders on top of the competition. Manufacturers who have adopted Sangfor VDI have seen advances in productivity and efficiency with better risk mitigation, more standardization across production line devices, centralized device control and maintenance and instantaneous recovery in the event of VM failure.

To learn more about Sangfor aDesk VDI – email us or visit our website!  

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