Protect Your Data on Sangfor HCI with Arcserve

08/03/2017 10:55:56

As the only 3rd generation HCI platform in the market, Sangfor delivers simple and comprehensive hyper-converged solution which deeply integrates compute, storage, network and security into one single platform to speed up time to market and reduce TCO significantly. The rise of new architecture brings with it the need for the next generation of data protection and management. Arcserve developed the first data protection solution to uniquely combine enterprise-grade capabilities with the simplicity required by overstretched IT teams to accommodate for the new wave of IT. Running Arcserve on Sangfor HCI gives you the best of both worlds, a deeply optimized backup and disaster recovery solution to provide comprehensive data protection with custom-fit SLAs.
In general, there are types of data protection solutions from Arcserve that are validated on Sangfor HCI platform, one is backup and the other is high availability.

Arcserve UDP Backup Solution on Sangfor HCI (For Vital Systems Requiring RTO/RPO in Hours)

Arcserve UDP Backup Solution on Sangfor HCI

From one, elegant simple user console, you can:
- Configure and manage all aspects of data protection
- Protect to and from any target
- Ensure stakeholder transparency with service-level reporting
- Easily scale your level of data protection as business needs evolve

- Reduce backup storage footprint by up to 95% and enjoy the lowest cost-per-protected TB in the industry with global deduplication

Arcserve RHA High Availability Solution on Sangfor HCI (For Critical Systems Requiring RTO/RPO in Seconds)

Arcserve RHA High Availability Solution on Sangfor HCI
*Note: Heterogeneous environments (say VMware in production and Sangfor in DR) is also supported

With Arcserve’s High Availability solution on Sangfor HCI, IT teams can ensure system resiliency with unprecedented simplicity:
- Maintain complete availability across virtual server systems, with access to data in seconds, not minutes
- Prevent data loss from unplanned outages and ransomware events
- Confidently deliver on stringent service level agreements with fully-automated, non-disruptive system availability testing
- Manage all enterprise-grade capabilities from a single, elegantly simple user console

Simple yet Reliable

Together Arcserve and Sangfor deliver a more simplified data protection solution for the next generation of data center. Customers’ business reliability shall be challenged no more, starting here and now.

- Optimize time to value, from both infrastructure and data protection perspective
- Flexible & rapid recovery on the most agile infrastructure
- Comprehensive protection covering the mainstream applications
- Reduce data center infrastructure complexity, costs and footprint

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