Cybersecurity Gets Personal in 2019

19/02/2019 11:25:09

While there are thousands of predictions for the “State of Cybersecurity” for 2019, the ultimate trend points to an increased awareness of the general public (your customers, partners and friends) of how their data is being used and protected....

10 Fascinating Facts about Cloud Computing: A Complex Concept Takes the Guesswork out of IT

18/02/2019 10:13:46

Cloud computing is fascinating because most only have the vaguest notion of how it works, what it actually is and how it can help their business – although most have realized that it’s the next logical and necessary step....

Gatekeepers of the Cloud: How Secure is your Cloud Service?

18/02/2019 09:49:05

Who has been tasked with policing the gates of heaven AKA: the Cloud, and how do they keep out those with malicious intensions? ...

Alert: PRCP Variant of Matrix Ransom Virus Intruded Governmental And Enterprise Networks

19/01/2019 20:17:48


FilesLocker 2.1 Christmas Edition and Decryption Tools for Earlier Versions (1.0 & 2.0)

04/01/2019 10:03:37


Amazon Takes Data Leakage Seriously: VDI Takes Data Leakage More Seriously

13/12/2018 11:23:41

Staff without Amazon's “high ethical standards” who have taken gifts or bribes from merchants in exchange for a more eye-catching location on

Beware of GhostPetya Ransomware !

07/12/2018 18:08:01


Alert: MiraiXMiner IoT Botnet Featuring Multiple Virus Families!

05/12/2018 15:40:36

The Sangfor Security team has recently discovered a new IoT botnet with unique features found in several different virus families including Mirai, Mykings and Dark Cloud Trojan....

Small or Medium Sized Businesses are at Significant Risk of Cyber Attack

29/11/2018 15:57:01


New Lucky Ransomware Targets Linux Servers !

26/11/2018 16:50:52


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