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SAMAA TV Pakistan

Customer Overview
SAMAA TV (Urdu: سماء ‎) is a Pakistani news and entertainment television network. SAMAA TV was founded in 2007 and is owned by Jaag Broadcasting Systems (Pvt) Limited.  It is one of the most popular TV channel in Pakistan.

SAMAA TV has a large data center and lots of mission critical application running in the DC to ensure the TV channel business’s continuity and reliability. Also, they has large scale of the storage capacity for their video files and database storage.

Previously they have the environment by using VMware with SAN storage to run 10 plus VM. But the previous environment has run around 5 years and already start EOS, and the most critical thing is that, one of their backup storage and one of the server node is suffering down for few time, which is not stable enough to run mission critical applications.

They are looking at the update/replacement solution for their environment:

• 13 virtual machines need to migrate to the new environment.
• Need high reliability storage with high performance, can easy scale up the capacity in the future.
• Fast deployment and easy management with cost competitive solution.

Compare with their previous solution virtual server plus SAN solution, they finally come to Sangfor hyper converged infrastructure solution by using two servers with Sangfor Hypervisor and virtual storage.

Sangfor HCI solution start from two servers and can easily scale up without any business down time. Pay as the business grow. It can offer the virtual server, virtual storage, virtual network and virtual security solution. It’s a one stop solution for a complete data center construction.

By deploying Sangfor HCI, SAMAA TV could enjoy 20TB storage with high IOPS & IO by using the hybrid storage, which mixed SSD as first tiering and HDD as second tiering and the VMs data will have two copies in the cluster, and the VMs inside could automatically fail over when one of the node is down.

Sangfor HCI solution offer the free single GUI console for the whole cluster management without extra license. Also, highly compatible with VMware by using Sangfor Hypervisor.

Sangfor also offer the NGAF solution with WAF module to SAMAA TV to protect their DC from L2-L7. Sangfor NGAF is a complete enterprise level security solution which could help to protect the security event not only when the attack comes, but also and after the attack comes. NGAF has the module for Risk Assessment/ SIEM which could help the IT operation and maintenance staff of SAMAA TV to know about the security conditions in the network rapidly and assist the administrator in rapid handling.

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