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Olympus (Hong Kong)


Customer Overview

Olympus Corporation is a Japan-based manufacturer of optics and reprography products which was established on 12 October 1919.

Nowadays Olympus is a worldwide renowned manufacturer of microscopes. Olympus offers a complete range of microscopes, which covers applications from education and routine studies up to state of the art research imaging systems both in life science and materials science.


Olympus Hong Kong branch used to deploy Microsoft ISA as the Firewall, WAN cache, Proxy, etc., but the old platform is poor in terms of performance and they encountered many maintenance difficulties because Microsoft has not updated ISA since ISA2006. To update it to Forefront TMG, it is expensive and without any further service & upgrade guaranteed.  

Also due to the lack of bandwidth management features, Olympus HK marketing team was started to complain because of slow connection speed and couldn't work properly on websites such as YouTube. 


After deploying Sangfor IAM, which is capable of doing anything that ISA can do such as Firewall, Cache, Proxy or Application Management, Olympus decided to replace ISA with it. IAM providing professional application management features enables Olympus to audit and report Internet behaviors and contents, including Email, Instant Messenger, etc.  

In addition, the comprehensive bandwidth management with fine-grained traffic control based on type of application, website, upload/download file, user group/ user and schedule, can allow Olympus HK to allocate enough bandwidth for critical applications and key departments such as the Marketing dept. which needs a stable connection to share and upload marketing materials on websites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

SANGFOR IAM using powerful audit and traffic control enables Olympus to enhance the value of its Internet bandwidth and ease the management of the entire internal network.

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