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Seduno Group Vietnam

Customer Overview

Established in 1994, Ningbo Seduno Group Co., Ltd., originally named Ningbo Orient Hongye Fashions Co., Ltd., is a joint-stock company with import and export rights. Specialize in all kinds of knitwear, with staffs over 3,500 and seven absolute corporate units. Through 10 years of hard work, Seduno Group has developed into a medium all-round knitted garment enterprise, integrating knitting, dyeing and sewing. The annual output in 2004 reached USD62 million, creating foreign exchange of USD42 million. Their products are exported to worldwide countries and regions, such as USA, Canada, Japan and Australia, based on high quality, reasonable price and best service. This makes Seduno Group won the world-famous brands, such as Champion, Kiswiss, Saucony, Asics, Diadora, Sears, Lindex, Otto and TCM.

Unresponsive applications
As mentioned, some of the internal business systems of Seduno Group were still managed in HQ, Ningbo, hence, site in Vietnam will have to, traffic travelling from one country to another, would generates high packet drop as well as high latency situation. Hence, application that are heavily relied on the connection with HQ would suffer from serious impact from these and directly affect the user experience of the application.

Lowered productivity
It may sound irrelevant for Internet speed to affect productivity of a group of employees, but it really does when most of the business applications were meant to be connected back to HQ for getting things done. This was an indirect impact yet a seriously negative to Seduno Group, as there would be a large part of their business processes related to the connection with HQ.

Costly bandwidth
Seduno Group have utilized leased line to establish the connection from Vietnam site to their HQ at Ningbo, however, due to size of the business, the existing bandwidth of their subscribed leased line seems to be not good enough for that much of users. But to upgrade the bandwidth of leased line it would cost them an arm and leg, which would be more reasonable if it could be spent on some tangible and better ROI investment.

Sangfor Solution
Therefore, Sangfor have proposed a solution to assist Fortuna Hotel Hanoi in solving all these challenges with our Internet Access Management, IAM. In Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, Sangfor IAM solution has been deployed in a bridge mode configuration that slotted in between their gateway Firewall and core switch. Hence, all the Internet access from the LAN segment must pass through Sangfor IAM before routed to the Internet, hence it could be monitored and controlled.

Sangfor have proposed to deploy Sangfor WANO in bridge mode, the complete deployment does not change much to their existing environment, basically just adding another layer of layer 2 device, like a switch, in between Firewall and their core switch and have both side of WANO to establish an “Acceleration Tunnel”. Sangfor have incorporated tons of patented technologies in the “Acceleration Tunnel” to realize, reduced in bandwidth consumption, better stability and higher transmission speed.

Byte cache is one of the technologies in Sangfor WANO that could dramatically decrease the bandwidth consumption of daily data transmission traffic. It works by having file to cache by byte instead of the whole file, it would be useful when sending a file with minor amendment from one point to another.

With the combination of other technologies such as compression, pre-fetching and application proxy, the solution successfully reduced the bandwidth consumption of Seduno Group Vietnam back to their HQ. By just merely two weeks, Sangfor WANO have helped Seduno Group in reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 80%.

In addition, Sangfor WANO does come with an in-built VPN system as well, which could support redundant link for HA, auto-failover and policy-based routing, it serves as a alternative when leased line or MPLS VPN failed, ensure business availability.

Hence, Sangfor WANO have helped Seduno Group Vietnam in solving those mentioned problem, instead, it provides values as below as well.

1. Reduced bandwidth consumption, eliminates needs of upgrading costly bandwidth

2. Improved application responsiveness, increased work productivity

3. Wide range of connection mode back to HQ, stable connectivity and reliable 

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