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Customer Overview

Servovalve is a company specialized in the design and production of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for industrial valves. The company was established in 1976 and, since its birth, has designed and produced standard and special actuators for every kind of valve, for severe and heavy duty serviceand every environmental condition.

Nowadays the company counts 67 employees based in the headquarters in S.Stefano Ticino (Milan). Due to his particular capability of problem solver in valve actuation, research and product development are top priorities in Servovalve. Actuators and full control systems are designed using the latest technologies to satisfy the most critical applications and providing, if necessary, out of standard solutions. Servovalve actuators are used in the most advanced fields, such as nuclear, geothermal and conventional power units, offshore or onshore oil and gas, chemical industries and refineries.

Business Challenges

The company is growing fast and they reached the storage limit imposed by their old SAN, so they were looking for a reliablesolution that was alsoscalable inthe future.

They chose SANGFOR aCloud because of that and because they were intrigued by the new technology. They were also looking for a security solution to protect their network that could also find vulnerabilities and that's why they also chose SANGFOR NGAF.

◼ Installationof an HCI cluster of 2 HPE DL380G10 each one with 1 Intel Xeon 10C CPU and 128GB RAM
◼ The total storage capacity of the new Virtual Datastore is 4.28TB obtained with a combination of 4 SSDs and 8 HDDs SAS across the 2 nodes
◼ The migrationhas been fast and easy withthe one-click migrationfeature from the old Center
◼ Installationof 1 SANGFOR NGAF 5100 full license+ WAF module

The aCloud solution is easy to scale up in the future both for storage and memory, also the fast and easy migration process has helped to reduce the downtime to absolute 0.

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