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ART Serina Piston & DYNA Metal

Customer Overview
ART Serina Piston & DYNA Metal are both factories under SERI-WATHANA ENTERPRISE, providing pistons, bearings and other components to major automobile companies. As a Japanese joint-venture, many of their customers are Japanese companies.

As a manufacturing enterprise providing components to top Japanese companies, buyers require top quality products and an top-tier production line.

In recent years, their traditional server + SAN structure caused a number of accidents including flood damage to the main production link and system, that aected the quality of the production line.

To build a stable production system, their IT team required:
• A highly stable and available local system
• A method to quickly and easily restore business when main data center is down

Based on customer requirements, SANGFOR provided a fully customized aCloud solution.
• Replaced legacy infrastructure with SANGFOR aCloud, providing stability with DRS, DRX and HA features
• Built a DR solution in two factories, with system failover between 2 sites,to reach maximum business continuity
• The whole solution comes from single vendor, reducing the complexity of the structure and management

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