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The Road to Security Transformation for CSCEC

Customer Profile
China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Middle East (CSCEC ME), began operations in the UAE in 2003 and established operations in Dubai on March 26, 2005. CSCEC ME was awarded the prestigious Jumeirah Palm Island Garden Villa project, and over the next 13 years, the company's total contract value increased by more than $7 billion, with its cumulative sales revenue reaching $ 4.3 billion in 2016.

Security Construction Pain Points
As CSCEC became more profitable, they made the decision to strengthen the company’s network security construction and upgrade their IT capabilities across the board, and faced the following challenges:

1) CSECES employees and visitors could freely use the network with few control or safety measures in place.
CSCEC ME had had several bandwidth upgrades since the establishment of the company, but still couldn’t guarantee a seamless Internet experience for employees and key applications. CSCES decided they needed the ability to effectively manage user bandwidth and network usage.

2) Poor Remote Workplace Access
Employees who were required to work remotely from project sites but regularly access the HQ network and internal system lacked suitable remote access products and solutions, making it difficult to provide reliable and secure access to remote workers.

3) Lack of Backup Protection and Data Security Guarantee
Almost all projects are assigned a server to provide file sharing and internal processes. The HQ was also simultaneously running many application servers, run on traditional architecture, making data difficult to recover in the event of hardware or system failure.  

4) Low Visualization of Network Security
The legacy Cisco firewall CSCES was using had only 4-layer protection, leaving them open to application layer attacks and unable to defend their network from unknown security threats. The firewall provided a poor intuitive visualization experience and the network was running in a black box, leaving CSCES unaware of their network security status and therefore unable to detect potential security threat.

5) No Guaranteed Endpoint Security Leads to Internal Infection
Personal computers, project servers and other endpoint host firewalls were almost set in the closed state, and lacked a complete endpoint security protection solution. Individual hosts were easily hacked through various methods including phishing and social engineering, meaning the potential of incalculable losses to the company in the event of an attack.

The Sangfor Solution
Choose the Right Solution & Find the Right Partner
Sangfor worked closely with CSCES to provide solutions for each pain point. Sangfor integrated many solutions and unified the linkage of multiple security products to enable one-click security defense, thus building CSCES solid network security.  

One-stop Solution & One-click Operation and Maintenance
In an era of security, insecurity, active protection against unknown risk has become vital for all enterprise.

With Cyber Command as its core, the Sangfor solution joins Next-Generation Firewall (NGAF), Endpoint Secure and Internet Access Management (IAM), and utilizes a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) to run the local and offsite data backup. This closed-loop management system integrates prediction, defense, detection and response to track and stop viruses and attacks at the border of the network and ensure the security of key data.

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