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Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company

Executive Summary
• Customer: Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company
• Industry: Banking
• Location: Karachi, Pakistan

• Migrate Virtual Machines from VMware to Sangfor.
• Migrating Security Policy from Fort**t Firewall to Sangfor NGAF.
• Setup DR with Policies.

Customer Background
Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company (PMRC) was set up as a Mortgage Liquidity Facility by the State Bank of Pakistan to address the long-term funding constraint in the banking sector; which was hindering the growth of the primary mortgage market. PMRC will serve as a secure source of long-term funding at attractive rates and at the same time ensuring sound lending habits amongst the primary mortgage lenders (PMLs).

Customer Demand
Previously customer was using 2 nodes Cluster based on VMware vSphere only without SAN, and at the security side, the customer was having Fort**t 81 Eits renewal was due. Afterward, the customer was looking for SAN-based on 10K RPM HDDs, only to create High Availability between 2 Nodes. The customer was also having IOPS concerns due to some critical and high read write intensive business.

For the DR part, the customer was looking for a reliable solution that can help to reduce RTO and RPO. Apart from System Infrastructure, the customer was also looking for other firewalls because having device slowness issues.

The customer didn’t have the backup solution before for the VMs, and they were taking manually backup by exporting it only.

Sangfor Solution for Customer

Sangfor offered HCI solution instead of physical SAN including proper DR solution which is reducing the RPO as low as 10 seconds.

We offered Sangfor HCI which includes
• aSV (Server Virtualization)
• aNet (Network Virtualization)
• aSan (Storage Virtualization)

We also offered NGAF for network security
Sangfor aSV is providing easy GUI to customer, aSan is based on SSD based tiering from which customer is getting high IOPS and extra-ordinary performance. High availability between VMs is available within the data center between two nodes and also at the DR side. From Sangfor HCI, the customer also achieved the backup requirement. On the security part, Sangfor provided the NGAF which replaced Fort**t old firewall and solved customers device slowness issues.

Customer Benefits After deploying Sangfor Solution
• The customer is having more redundancy.
• High Performance Storage SSD based Tiering.
• Virtual Network easy to design Drag and Drop Technology.
• High Availability between Nodes and between Datacenter.
• DR site is available.
• Backup is on primary site and on DR site.
• Virtual SAN instead of physical SAN.

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