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Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC)

Customer Background
The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, abbreviated MOTAC, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia responsible for tourism, culture, archives, libraries and museums, with more than 10 branches managed from a central location.

Business Pain-Points
1. MOTAC HQ and branches were facing a serious Internet slowness issue, especially with conference calls and critical file backup transmission.

2. Many users were bypassing the premise firewall to reach illegal websites for torrent downloads, all against PDRM rules and regulations, and badly affecting bandwidth performance.

3. MOTAC IT administrators were unable to find the root cause of slow network performance in real-time. They were often receiving complaints and were forced to review massive logs to discover the cause of bandwidth issues.

4. The MOTAC IT administrators were responsible for compiling reports on logs for the management team from traditional massive logs, taking hours that could be spent on more productive tasks.

5. MOTAC wanted centralized management and overview of all the branches, including reporting, real time status, bandwidth usage, and logs, in addition to easy deployment for all their branches.

Benefits of Sangfor IAM & Central Manager Solution

1. Sangfor IAM enhanced and assured the quality of MOTAC’s bandwidth, offering a guaranteed channel for critical apps or services, and limiting bandwidth for non-critical apps.

2. IAM is continuously updated on new proxy IP addresses, and is thus able to identify and block them, sending an alert to any users attempting to use a proxy, and denying them access if any proxy tools are detected. IAM also easily blocks torrents and multi-threat downloading tools.

3. Sangfor IAM’s real-time dashboard allows MOTAC to identify traffic flow, application usage, users and services, making it possible for administrators to identify the root cause of any internet slowness.

4. The IAM reporting and monitoring system provides fully customizable reports with user-friendly and visualized log reports, monitoring user and user group behavior, and helping the IT administrators analyze the root cause of any network congestion or issues in real-time. Sangfor IAM’s Reporting Center generates reports regularly for IT administrators, eliminating the need for them to compile reports from complex logs.

5. The Sangfor Central Manager solution fulfills MOTAC’s centralized management requirement, allowing PDRM to define their IAM template policy and distribute it to all the IAM appliances. IAM is also able to perform firmware upgrades or fine-tune policies across all devices, eliminating the need to address each appliance individually. Finally, Central Manager deployment is simple, requiring a minimal staff for management.

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