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Century 21 (China)

Customer Overview
Century 21 Real Estate is an American real estate agent franchise company founded in 1971. The System consists of approximately 7,100 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 74 countries and territories worldwide with over 100,000 sales professionals.

Century 21 Real Estate has set up more than 960 stores in 27 major cities in China and has over 12,100 brokers. Century 21 entered China in March 2000. In 90% of the regional markets that it has entered and formally operated, Century 21 ranks top 3 in terms of firm size and turnover. 

In 2007, the transaction volume of real estate for Century 21 has reached 80 billion Yuan. The future development goal of Century 21 is: Establishing 60 regional branches, absorbing 4,000 stores and training 30,000 brokers. 

With almost 1000 stores in China, the daily operations of hundreds of stores distributed across the country rely on the information business system of the headquarters. The normal operation of that system must ensure the security and stability of branch networks nationwide. 

With rapid development of the enterprise and continuous expansion of the stores, limited bandwidth has become a major bottleneck of business operations. 

Based on the above factors, Sangfor network experts deployed Sangfor VPN and IAM solution, which uses the IAM device to manage network security and optimize network flows and the VPN module to protect the secure transmission of business data. 

As a national IPSec / SSL VPN standard setter, Sangfor has been hailed as an absolute preferred brand, with a market share that is significantly ahead of its competitors in the VPN industry. While in the IAM market, Sangfor has also ranked no. 1 in China for many consecutive years, with a market share twice the size of its two followers.

Century 21 recently officially signed a contract which will use Sangfor’s extensive experience and successful practice in the respect of network interconnection, security and optimization, to build a new network that is highly secure, optimized and easy-to-manage. This network construction will cover the nearly 1 thousand stores under Century 21.


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