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China Shipping Group


Customer Overview

Established on July 1st 1997, China Shipping (Group) Company is a mega comprehensive, cross-trade, trans-regional, trans-ownership, transnational, state owned enterprise group with shipping as its main business. China Shipping has a total assets of 200 billion RMB and annual income of more than 80 billion RMB.     
The main service rendered by China Shipping is transportation of containers, oils, bulk cargo, LNG, passenger, cars and special objects. The Headquarters of the group is located in Shanghai.   


China Shipping hosts the website, office system and other business systems in the DMZ zone to carry out business activities. With the rise of hacking incidents, the IT department is required by the management to conduct security assessment to ensure the security level to protect business critical systems. 

Previously, the DMZ zone was deployed with Cisco ASA firewall as protection. China Shipping required a full layer2-layer 7 security protection to ensure the security. They also lacked of a Web Application Firewall protection against the rising web-based attacks. The security reporting on Cisco ASA was also too simple, that is the reason why China Shipping needed a more detailed security reporting tool for diagnosis and assist in the security decision making.   


The deployment of SANGFOR NGFW greatly helped China Shipping and the IT team on Risk Mitigation. The IT department also received the highest "A" level rating on Risk Assessment from the Group. 

Sangfor NGFW solution as below:
• SANGFOR NGFW provides full layer of protection with FW, IPS, WAF and APT model with cross-module intelligent protection.
• The built-in professional Web Application Firewall provides solid prevention against TOP 10 web-based attacks defined by OWASP. Anti-defacement and data leakage prevention are also provided to avoid possible business damages even when hacking incidents happen. 
• Managed-service level security reporting from SANGFOR NGFW are intuitive and can notify China Shipping of the current security issues, what damages they could cause and what actions should be taken, which greatly simplify and help on the operation and maintenance. 
• Exclusive Risk assessment module can help China Shipping on the daily security assessment work.

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