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Asia e University


Customer Overview

Asia e University (AeU) is a dual-mode, international university set in Asia, by Asians for Asia under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD). It is located in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur.

AeU comprises of 8 Schools (Management, Education, ICT, Humanities & Arts, Graduate Studies, Foundation Studies, Professional & Executive Education and Technical & Engineering Education) with over 20 learning centres around the world.

AeU collaborates with global educational institutions to offer quality, affordable and marketable programmes through dual mode learning. AeU’s cross-border and cross-culture programmes have attracted high numbers of postgraduates from around the world.


With the increasing number of students who are using Internet, the previous firewall performance dropped over the years as the number of applications and traffic on the network grew tremendously. AeU was facing high yearly maintenance cost for its previous firewall and was becoming powerless against the increasing number of new advanced threats. 

Situation Analysis

After receiving the request of AeU, Sangfor immediately went on site and started to analyse the customer’s situation. After having a good understanding of the environment as well as their requirements, Sangfor proposed the NGFW to replace the existing firewall. The existing configurations were also taken into consideration and directly imported into Sangfor NGFW so that it could immediately replace the previous firewall without affecting the protection of the network.

Sangfor Solution

By deploying Sangfor NGFW, AeU is now able to protect its network from Advanced Threats and restrict the Internet Access to unsafe and recreational websites (e.g.: Facebook) during school time. 

They now have a higher performance appliance with a lower yearly maintenance cost. 

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