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Sri Emas International School


Customer Overview

Sri Emas International School is an international school in Malaysia offering real world education to shape the next generation of lifelong learners, independent thinkers and the leaders of tomorrow. At the helm of Sri Emas International School is a team of experienced educators who are passionate and determined in nurturing young people to become great leaders. The team is held in high regards by the community with a track record built over almost 20 years as it continuously over-delivers when it comes to ensuring meaningful learning experiences for students.

Sri Emas International School teachers are dynamic professionals who stand as mentors and friends, providing guidance and support to students through their journey of discovery and learning. Because the teachers enjoy what they do, they are adventurous and open to constant learning and improving to keep up with the evolving roles they play in educating the new generation.

Students are free to use the school Wi-Fi for Internet Access but their behaviors were not controlled. Students were frequently surfing on website for gaming and social networking purposes.

These kind of behaviors could easily let unsafe traffic go through to the network and infect it. The school was using two separate networks with two ISP lines for better connection purpose but the previous firewall was unable to support load balance.

Bandwidth subscription was wasted by separating one of the ISP and used only for LAN server. They also had the idea to configure trunked port from the firewall to the coreswitch, but it was cancelled due to previous firewall unable to support trunked port function.

The previous firewall was unable to perform the following functions:
1) Identify layer 7 application and control
2) Web filtering on HTTPS websites
3) Load balance on its 2 ISP
4) Trunked port support

By deploying Sangfor NGFW, Sri Emas International School is now able to join both ISP lines to the NGFW and configure it to use weighted round-robin load balance. There is no more waste of ISP bandwidth.

They can also enable website filtering for HTTP as well as HTTPS websites regarding inappropriate materials and block social networking websites during school time (e.g.: Facebook).

The tasks that the previous firewall was unable to perform were all enabled on Sangfor NGFW and they can now configure the NGFW to support trunk port for their current 3 VLANs.

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