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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Customer Overview
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (also known as University of Technology, Malaysia or UTM) is the oldest public engineering and technological university in Malaysia. The university specializes in technical studies, with separate faculties for the engineering divisions such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Biomedical engineering. It also has faculties for Education, Pure Sciences, Management, and Human Resources Development. It is the country's major source of graduate engineers and similar professionals.

UTM is actively involved in research collaboration with renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Imperial College, Stanford Research Institute, Kyoto and Tokyo, to name a few.

Visibility is very important for an IT department. Once you can see what is happening in the network, you can pin point the root cause and solve it. Traditional firewalls provide only limited visibility like IP address, port/protocol. Users can find other ways to bypass it. Smart students were using advanced proxy tools to bypass firewall and access illegal websites.

Web Application is very common nowadays. Examples: MSN, P2P, Streaming media and Games. Traditional firewalls are not able to block these applications. You can’t block what you can’t see. There were also heavy P2P downloading which consumed a large part of the bandwidth. With more than 20,000 students and no bandwidth management, the internet access was easily congested and resulted in poor user experience for students, as well as staffs.

By deploying SANGFOR IAM, the UTM was able to block illegal applications and web applications with the IAM In-Cloud URL & Applications database. UTM can now also block proxy tools such as Ultrasurf.

Bandwidth control policies could be set to manage steaming media, YouTube and downloading tools. UTM is now also able to provide fast and secure internet connection access to its students as well as its staff, while having a total overview and control over its network.

Network Topology

Internet Access Management (IAM M6000)

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