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Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Customer Overview
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) -- Islamic Science University of Malaysia in English, or formerly known as Islamic University College of Malaysia (KUIM) is the 12th Public Higher Education Institution (IPTA) in Malaysia. KUIM was approved by the Cabinet on 11 June 1997 and made public on 13 March 1998.

Currently, KUIM is operating in stages at a permanent campus in Bandar Baru Nilai starting 15 July 2005. KUIM was officially upgraded to USIM on 1 February 2007, in line with the government’s aim to upgrade the development of higher education to an international level.

Among the objectives of the establishment of USIM are to uphold and enhance Islamic studies, bring Islamic Studies into the national main education stream, emphasize the use of information technology in education and research systems. Focus is also put in mastering Arabic and English language as well as the national language.

Network Challenges
USIM provides Internet surfing to all students and staffs. They also host web server within their network for public access. USIM network bandwidth was been abused by students and staffs, causing all time high bandwidth usage during working hours. As a result, internal users experience slow Internet access and public users experience slow connection to USIM web server.

They have URL filtering equipment in place but the solution does not work with some users. Those users are still able to access blocked websites. And the existing URL filtering equipment is only able to filter URLs, but bandwidth consuming applications such as P2P and video streaming are still not controlled. USIM also need more visibility of their bandwidth usage to diagnose what is running in their network and if it is necessary to upgrade their network to cope with current traffics.

•   Internet Usage

(1) Web server allow access for public
(2) Internet surfing – students or staffs use it only for
work related
(3) VPN
(4) Email
(5) FTP

•   Requirements/Issues Facing

(1) Bandwidth been abused. Web server access is very
slow for public.
(2) Web access control policies applied in existing URL
filtering equipment doesn’t work with some users. They
still can access those blocked websites.
(3) Visibility on users.

USIM is looking for a new solution that can solve all issue faced. Renewal cost of existing URL filtering equipment is also very high but unable to fulfill their entire requirement. Sangfor comes to USIM with IAM as solution for their environment.

With the capability of Sangfor IAM, we are able to fulfill all USIM’s requirements. After proposal, USIM proceed with a Proof-of-concept (PoC).

Solutions & Results
During PoC, we found that download tools appear as a top 10 running application. Website browsing is the top application but the top website category accessed belongs to phishing & malicious website category.

Network Topology

Proxy tool behavior appears in the network, proving that users are using these kinds of tools to bypass existing web access control policies.

Reports by Sangfor IAM also proved that web server bandwidth has always been taken by other internet traffics, which causes a slow web server access.

As solution, Sangfor IAM is configured to block high bandwidth utilization applications such as download tools and P2Ps.

Malicious and unwanted applications are also blocked such as proxy tools, Trojans and gaming applications. Phishing & malicious websites and non-work related websites are also blocked.

Allocate guaranteed bandwidth for public access to website server and internal access to educational websites. Policies set for bandwidth to limit streaming media applications.

A Sangfor IAM M5800 is installed at USIM network in bridge mode to monitor and control all network traffics.

Equipment Features
- Layer 7 internet access control
- Layer 7 bandwidth management
- Easy deployment

- Audit and reporting

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