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Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Customer Overview
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, often known as TARC or KTAR, is a public institution of higher learning in Malaysia. It has six campuses in six states across Malaysia. The college operates with a 50% subsidy from the government for its recurrent and capital expenditure; the other 50% funding comes from the college trustees and income collected.

Tunku Abdul Rahman College was officially upgraded into a university college on 2 May 2013. It is now known as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. Steeped in tradition of excellence, the institution currently has a student population of 24,000 students and has educated 160,000 graduates who have gone on to become national leaders, established businessmen, entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals of various industries.
Source : Wikipedia

As a leading university in Malaysia with 24,000 students on its campus, TARC needs to control what is happening on its network and filter prohibited web sites & applications such as gambling and pornographic contents.

The previous Firewall enabled to do most of the filtering including URL/App Control and Bandwidth management. However high usage of the firewall slowed down the overall network access speed. TARC needed to replace either the firewall or add in some additional layer of filtering to turn off some features on the existing firewall.

Sangfor Solution
After comparison and testing, Sangfor was chosen as the best vendor in terms of value and services.

One unit of Sangfor NGFW M5600 has been deployed in bridge mode between the existing firewall and core switch. Main features such as Application Control, URL filtering and Bandwidth Management were all enabled at the same time on Sangfor NGFW.

With deployment of SANGFOR NGFW, TARC could do more precise filtering and traffic shaping policies. Bandwidth can now be guaranteed for critical applications such as learning tools and limit the speed on non-critical applications such as video streaming or games. Internet access is now much faster due to less congestion at the existing firewall. The SANGFOR NGFW has also been acting as a second tier firewall for threats monitoring, enhancing the security status of TAR collage.

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