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Universiti Kuala Lumpur

Customer Overview
Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) is a leading university in engineering technology established on 20 August 2002. Wholly owned by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), an agency under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW), Malaysia, the university is given the mandate to upgrade the status of technical education in Malaysia by the government.

As the nation expects more from a technical higher learning institutions, UniKL mold its graduate with strong technological knowledge and astute entrepreneurial skills who would later fulfill the current demand of the industries. UniKL's 14 branch institutes offer various foundation, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

With the concept of One Institute, One Specialization, UniKL contributes not only to tertiary education but also researches and development for commercialization purposes. Strategically located all over peninsular Malaysia, UniKL's branch institutes offer various programs in theirs niche areas of specialization.

UniKL has built a solid network infrastructure to keep all its campus
connected. Sub-campuses of UniKL are connected to the city
campus via UniKL cloud. The city campus is connected to Internet
with a high-availability gateway deployment.

This infrastructure has supported UniKL’s teaching service for years. However, UniKL started to observe frequent serious performance issue for both LAN and WLAN connection.

After carefully analyzing the network status, UniKL found out that the previous firewall suffered important performance issue due to the large number of DDoS attack from the internal network.

Firewall anti-DDoS feature is more suitable to protect against packet from outside to the inside. Most of the internal traffic are trusted without filtering. This weakness was exploited and hackers performed a high number of attacks on the firewall which brought down the performance of the device and affected the whole network.

Sangfor Solution
UniKL has replaced the previous firewall with two units of SANGFOR NGFW in route mode with high availability. Besides the normal firewall configuration, the anti-DDoS module of SANGFOR NGFW has been enabled for both theoutside and inside traffic.

The anti-DoS attack algorithm developed by SANGFOR is aimed at DoS attacks that are mounted by sending a large number of data packets, IP protocol packets, TCP protocol packets and HTTP protocol packets to consume all resources at the network layer and application layer.

With deployment of SANGFOR NGFW, UniKL is now able to detect and stop internal DDoS attack from city campus and also from other campuses as well.

Previous Firewall's performance issue has been resolved and UniKL does not feel anymore slow connection for LAN and WLAN internet connection. The network is now running much more smoothly since the installation of Sangfor’s devices.

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