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City University of Macau

Customer Overview
City University of Macau (CityU) is a private university in Macau. Formerly named as Asia International Open University (Macau).The University offers numerous doctorate, master, bachelor degree programs and pre-university study courses.

City University of Macau, having inherited both Chinese and Western culture over the last three decades, has maintained the tradition of preserving the soul of civilization in higher education of the city and promoted the innovative spirit with a pragmatic approach.

CityU, a reputable and leading private university in Macau, is facing an important increase of students, mainly coming from Mainland China who joined CityU for its strong educational programs.

With the increase of students on the two campuses of CityU, the internet bandwidth became saturated and users were experiencing slow connection to the internet. The previous router in place couldn’t control all applications on the network and crashed when trying to do traffic control.

CityU is also receiving more and more visitors from outside such as student’s parents, politicians, etc. and they needed a way to authenticate these new users in order to protect the network security.

CityU was also considering to upgrade the network security of its servers by adding firewalls and also use them to build a better and more reliable VPN network.

Sangfor Solution
After comparing the different solutions on the market, CityU choose Sangfor as the main vendor to solve all the above network issues. By deploying Sangfor IAM (Internet Access Management), CityU is now able to visualize its network, applications, traffic and user’s behavior so that they could set specific network policies. CityU can now fully control & filter the applications on its network and block the access to non-educational content such as Facebook or Twitter during class time and allow it during lunch time.

Sangfor Solution
With the traffic control feature of IAM, CityU can also now assign specific bandwidth limit to each user in order to guarantee the speed and user experience.

In order to protect the security of the internal servers, Sangfor Next Generation Firewall was deployed in the internet gateway. Sangfor NGFW is the first firewall to include both IPS & WAF features in one device and CityU can benefit from it by protecting its web applications such as Email and Public Website.

By using the integrated VPN feature of NGFW, CityU also established a more stable and secure VPN connection to connect its two campuses.

To provide a better wireless environment, CityU also deployed Sangfor WLAN solution with a Wireless Access Controller and APs all around the campuses. When new visitors want to access the internet, a portal page will automatically open and let the visitors agree to the terms established by CityU before they can go on the web.

By deploying Sangfor IAM, NGFW and WLAN solutions, CityU is now providing a fast, secure and stable network environment for its students, staff and visitors. CityU is now using more e-learning tools to help its students with their study and increase their productivity by reducing non-educational activities on its network.

Network Topology

With Sangfor IAM/NGFW/WLAN solutions deployed, CityU managed to solve all the previous network issues they were facing. The internet access is now regulated, accelerated, more stable and secure. Students & staff can now experience a productive wireless working environment.

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