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Thai TV-Pool Company Limited

Customer Overview
Thai TV-Pool is the largest entertainment network & publishing company in Thailand. They have the highest gross sales in the entertainment magazine industry with around 1 million issues sold each year in Thailand. It owns many sub-businesses, such as Television Show, Entertainment Complex, Sport Clubs & Hotel, Press Agency, etc.

In 2013, Thai TV-Pool officially broadcasted 2 digital television channels, which are THV (News and Entertainment Channel) and LOCA (Varieties & Family), for a total value of more than 2 billion THB. It also owns 2 cables TV channels and online TV shows.

Last year, Thai TV-Pool built a new seven-storey building and only installed two Wi-Fi Access Point on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th floor, thinking that they could provide enough signal quality to cover all areas.

However the reality was unpleasant :

•  Users were having bad experience with the Wi-Fi, which was in contradiction with the company high speed link (1GB/1GB). The IT department got a lot of complaints about the slow connection.

•  There were too many spots without Wi-Fi access due to the lack of RF optimization and AP roaming.

•  There was no QoS in data traffic. Internal business applications such as e.g. email, file transfer, customer database, etc. were performing poorly which resulted in low work productivity.

•  The existing WLAN didn’t provide any guarantee for security and the company building was built next to a residential area. They found many cases where the company’s Wi-Fi was used by nearby households due to the lack of authorization.

•  The Company needed to create Wi-Fi usage policy based on staff level, which their existing AP couldn’t support.

Network Topology

Sangfor Solution
The network topology on the 1st page describes the Sangfor WLAN solution:

•   Over 40 units of Sangfor AP 260–EA and a few of AP 260 were deployed on every floor.

•   Sangfor Wi-Fi was deployed in single-arm and operating in Local forwarding mode.

•   Because of the easy installation, Thai TV-Pool is now able to change the WAC mode to Centralized Forwarding when they decide the Policy for each user types.

•   Straightforward process for Thai TV-Pool who do no need to change any IP configuration or network routing.

•   Every AP was automatically installed with the latest firmware 1.8 thanks to the centralized installation, which proves the ease of use and maintenance of Sangfor Wi-Fi.

•   Sangfor WLAN network provides automatic RF optimization, channel adjustment and intelligent signal power to provide the best user experience.

•   The main feature of user authentication, which is QR code scan has been configured to let guests using the company’s internet connection without hassle.

•   The company portal has been customized with company logo, advertisement and news updates.

Values of Sangfor Solution
•   Sangfor WLAN improves the overall Wi-Fi usage for the company and the usage of critical-business applications improved greatly.

•   Thanks to the Automatic RF adjustment and automatic roaming of Sangfor WLAN,  the Wi-Fi is now providing a strong signal and service through the whole building.

•   The security of the WLAN is now strengthen. No unauthorized IP or non-permitted user access from nearby households.

•  The company’s user experience improved and the staff work productivity increased due to the improvement of the bandwidth traffic.

•    Easy for the IT administrator to configure and manage users, create security policies. Thanks to the QR code authentication, they can now easily create temporary guest accounts.

•    The company is now also able to use the Wi-Fi to push promotional advertisement to  its visiting customers, which increase the ROI of Sangfor Wi-Fi implementation.

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