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Tsingtao Brewery

Customer Overview
Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese beer manufacturer founded in 1903. Currently, its brand value ranks no. 1 in the Chinese beer industry and among the world's top 500 brands.

According to the Barth Report on the global beer industry, Tsingtao Brewery is the 6th largest beer manufacturer in the world.

Currently, Tsingtao Brewery has more than 60 beer production bases in 18 provinces of China.

With the expansion of the company size, the demand for data exchange & collaboration between each branch and the headquarters are continuously increasing. With the increasing need for more network resources, Tsingtao needed to find the right balance between the cost/performance of building its network and challenges faced by the expansion of its business.

Tsingtao Brewery had the following requirements to build its network:
● Regulate and manage the online behaviors of its internal employees.

● Ensure enough resources for core applications with better allocation of its bandwidth.

● Combination with existing authentication systems to realize unified identity authentication.

● Control the internet usage of visitors such as customers to ensure that they don’t do any illegal activities.

● Central management of each branch’s device.

Sangfor Solution
According to the actual network situation and requirement, Tsingtao Brewery deployed Sangfor IAM (Internet Access Management) devices in the network gateway of the Headquarters and each branch to realize internet behavior management of all employees and provide fair allocation of bandwidth resources.

Sangfor helped to configure its built-in identity authentication system to combine with the existing authentication systems and enabled SSO function to realize automatic assignment of network access.

At the same time, the Headquarters deployed Sangfor CMC (Central Management Console) to take over the control of each branch IAM and issue unified management strategy.

Figure 1: Network Topology

Values of Sangfor Solution
● Sangfor IAM improved the bandwidth usage in the Headquarters & in each branch and usage of business-critical applications improved greatly.

● Work productivity of employees improved thanks to the URL/APP filtering database integrated in Sangfor IAM. Employees access to non-productive websites (e.g.: for social networking or gaming purpose) were restricted and allowed during break time.

● Network authentication process was simplified with IAM SSO function which allows internal users to login only once to have access to the different existing domain authentication systems.

● With Sangfor CMC, the Headquarters of Tsingtao has direct control of the branch offices’s network and can easily configure, manage, create new policies. With the available reporting tools, they are now able to see what's happening in each branch and if necessary, create customized rules.

Sangfor Internet Access
Management (IAM)
SANGFOR Internet Access Management is the ideal solution designed to tackle network inefficiency and risks that enterprises encounter. IAM provides enterprises with detailed and accurate traffic reports about internet access activities, access contents and bandwidth utilization.

With all access being logged and reported, proper control policies can be set along with the application identification function embedded in the IAM.

Furthermore, bandwidth management and caching technology ensures optimal bandwidth utilization and guarantees the performance of critical business applications. It minimizes bandwidth investment by delaying or avoiding costly bandwidth upgrades.

Sangfor Central Management
Console (CMC)
Multiple SANGFOR IAM and WANO devices can be centrally managed by SANGFOR CMC (Central Management Console). Administrators are able to perform overall network status monitoring, centralized configuration, centralized logs and reporting through one single console.

SANGFOR CMC give IT managers the power they need to easily deploy corporate’s management and optimization policies to branch networks in remote sites, simplifying the maintenance of a widely distributed corporate network.

Sangfor Solution
Tsingtao Brewery deployed Sangfor CMC (Central Management Console) to realize unified management of the overall network, reduce the operation and maintenance cost. Sangfor IAM (Internet Access Management) was deployed in each branch to realize precise allocation of bandwidth resources and effective increase of Internet access speed to guarantee the user experience.

It was also linked with the existing authentication systems to offer a unified identity authentication system to improve the access security of internal users as well as improve the maintenance for IT administrators.

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