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Customer Overview
China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO), one of the major multinational enterprises in the world, is China's largest and the world's leading group specializing in global shipping, modern logistics and ship building & repairing, ranking 327th in the Fortune Global 500 Companies.

Established on April 27th, 1961, COSCO owns and controls over 800 modern merchant vessels with a total tonnage of 56 million DWTs and an annual carrying capacity of 400 million tons. COSCO's shipping lines cover over 1,600 ports in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide and its fleet size ranks the first in China and the second in the World.

COSCO is positioned as the number one in China and the fifth in the world by container fleet size. It is also the first in the world by dry bulk fleet. COSCO owns and operates 32 terminals worldwide, with 157 berths offered. Statistics released by Drewry in July 2009 show that throughput of container terminals of COSCO Pacific affiliated to COSCO continues to rank among the top 5 in the world.

Information Network Platform is one of the most efficient way to collaborate for COSCO. Relying on a complete set of meticulously divided and organically combined information system, COSCO achieved effective integration of internal resources, rapid execution of upper decisions and efficient exchange of external information. But how could they ensure timely exchange of information, prompt follow-up of business and fast implementation of mobile office business? This issue has tormented the shipping giant COSCO.

The effectiveness of information means constant leading of business, while the characteristics of mobile office means that COSCO cannot use its original network of dedicated line to ensure efficient transmission. With application systems hanging in the public network and access through the open network of internet, important data, servers, or even the entire intranet security will be seriously threatened.

Sangfor Solution
SSL VPN provides easy access and fast networking. For mobile office, SSL VPN has a unique advantage, which is without installing any client software, but by simply opening your browser and enters the corresponding URL, you will be able to complete the establishment of SSL VPN tunnels after a simple login authentication.

Without any complex configuration, SSL VPN products can seamlessly integrate with smartphones, tablets and other  mobile devices. For COSCO, SSL VPN was the best solution.

How to Choose the Best and Most Suitable SSL VPN Product?

The IT experts of COSCO proposed a series of strict assessment requirements: First of all, the SSL VPN product must be powerful and widely-recognized, including product brand and authoritative certification qualifications of the vendor. Secondly, the SSL VPN product must excel in both performance and stability, since only a steady network can ensure a stable business.

Lastly, the technical feature of the product is a top priority. The core business information systems of COSCO is carried by the entire SSL VPN network, which must not only achieve a full range of data security, but also allow users to reach the fastest access speed on their mobile clients, especially when facing large-scale, cross-network, high packet loss, high latency and other harsh network conditions. The best user access experience must be guaranteed.

Sangfor SSL VPN Solution

In the aspect of data security protection, besides multiple security encryption methods, Sangfor SSL VPN also provides a dual-factor authentication mechanism of dynamic token and account password combined to ensure the security of identity authentication.

With mobile users all over the country, Sangfor SSL VPN has many network acceleration technologies. In order to face the dual-line in the network gateway of COSCO, Sangfor SSL VPN has a patent of multi-line intelligent routing.

During SSL VPN access, the system will automatically detect the line speed and allow the end user to access using the fastest route, which is particularly suitable for inter-carrier network environment. Meanwhile, Sangfor also provides page customization service for COSCO, building a tailored digital management platform that exclusively belongs to COSCO.

Sangfor SSL VPN
China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) covers more than 1,500 ports in over 160 countries and regions and ranks world No.2 in fleet size. In order to achieve effective integration of internal resources and efficient exchange of external information, COSCO built the “COSCO Digital Management Platform” and deployed Sangfor SSL VPN device for group users to access the information platform in a secure way.

Through the combination of password and dynamic token authentication, as well as the integration of optimization technology and intelligent routing, Sangfor SSL VPN can ensure great access experience for staff, even for those located in different regions.

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