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Customer Overview
Vanke is the largest residential real estate developer in the People’s Republic of China. It is engaged in developing, managing and selling properties across more than 60 mainland Chinese cities in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai-Rim Region, with the provision of investment, trading, consultancy services and e-business.

It also has expanded into Hong Kong, the United States, and Singapore since 2012. As of 28 May 2013 its market cap is HK$165 billion.
Source: Wikipedia

In China, you can find several shopping centers in almost every district. The competition is very strong so how can you differentiate yourself from the others? Many customers are now used to connect directly to the shopping mall’s Wi-Fi. This is a new trend that can be used at your advantage.

Vanke was building a new shopping mall in the Guangdong province and they were looking for an O2O solution to enhance the customer experience, increase the sales and collect valuable data about the visitors to further establish precise marketing activities.

Sangfor, as the leading vendor of network solutions in China, was chosen with our WLAN solution. Vanke was not only interested in the O2O features but also needed to establish a convenient and secure wireless environment.

With Sangfor WLAN, the whole shopping mall’s Wi-Fi signal was covered and the access speed of each visitor could be guaranteed to achieve a good user experience thanks to the bandwidth management feature. The value added features of Sangfor WLAN allowed Vanke to push customized advertisements to their customers according to their number of visits or location.  With the available reporting tools , Vanke can now analyze its customer traffic and understand which area of its shopping mall is the most popular and establish new business strategies.

Below are the key features that Vanke appreciated the most about Sangfor WLAN :

● WeChat Authentication
● Advertisements Push
● Automatic Welcome Message
● Traffic Analysis
● Smart RF Optimization

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